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Waiver of Liability

I give my consent for the athlete described above to participate in the programs including but not limited to tumbling, cheerleading, fitness, whether conducted on or off the premises of AEC.  I am aware of the risks involved in participating in any sport, including tumbling/cheerleading/dance, involving height, running, and flipping. I understand that AEC will do everything they can to provide safety and protection for my child.  I waive any claim for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage against AEC, staff members, agents, insurers, or any owners or lessors of the premises and any equipment used in connections with any programs of AEC, arising out of the child’s participation in any of the activities/programs of AEC either on or off the premises, or travel for the purpose of participating in any activities, programs, or events.  I also waive that this includes injuries to any member of my family, including myself, child listed above, and any other family member.  I understand that this agreement will stay in effect as long as the child participates in any activity, program, or event at or with AEC.  We reserve the right to use photographs, videos, and/or other likenesses of your child, you or family members in any promotional materials.

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